“Elevating Brilliant Local Innovations into Thriving Global Solutions.”

We exist to build a integrity-based cooperative in collaboration with a growing marketplace of turn-key solutions, experts and organizations to create an open-source, self-sufficient model for scalable and replicable sustainable communities. The main areas of our developmental focus are Health, Technology, Education & Sustainability.

Our centers are designed to emphasize healing and education, to train generations of leaders in progressing innovative solutions, for a thriving human experience. From hydroponics to advanced healing technologies, to a new generation of Eco-Social venture capitalism, we are here to set the stage for “new earth” initiatives and the cultural creative, social innovator and maverick entrepreneur networks driving their success.

Timeless Vision

Timeless Solutions is a holistic lifestyle enterprise that develops “whole-systems regenerative ecology” solutions to address massive issues facing humankind.  We create exemplary models of socioeconomic enriching, transformative environments including: social innovation hubs, sustainable/resilient communities, life mastery educational centers and integrated wellness institutes. We are more than a company, we are a social movement! Our vision is a multifaceted one aimed at elevating the life experience of 1 billion or more people on Earth. Timeless Solutions currently serves as an incubation management company featuring a wide array of paradigm shifting companies and projects.  We develop, market, innovate, and partner with sustainable products and technologies created by the world’s leading entrepreneurs, innovators and cultural creatives.


“America has the resources to lead the world into a sustainable future. But it needs a monetary system which will allow for its resources to be mobilized towards a greater destiny than marketplace superiority, something more inclusive which reflects the Information Age opportunities now at our disposal.  Such a new monetary system with all of its potential would require a dramatic upgrading of society’s consciousness and understanding of money.

We have to move from a simplistic belief in money having an intrinsic value of its own and see it as a bookkeeping system of the real wealth of our nations and people. Ultimately our money is not dependent on gold but on the human and natural resources which it represents.

The world has passed beyond an age of scarcity and the challenge of the new era is not about solving problems of want, but dealing with abundance and how to use it to create a sustainable future. Above all we need the visionaries able to point the way.

With computerization, robotics, advances in genetics and food growing, we have the potential to turn the planet into a sustainable ecosystem capable of supporting all. We have the technology to genuinely contemplate colonizing the solar system.” – Roger Langrick



We embody our advocated profoundly integrated and sustainable lifestyle through the EARTH Project, a global network of independent and interconnected Eco-communities.  Each community is built to be completely self-sufficient, produce high quality eco-products and services, and to empower thousands of people to experience a thriving lifestyle in harmony with themselves, each other, and the Earth.

EARTH sites utilize and continuously evolve the Timeless Learning System, a progressive educational model for adults and today’s youth, tomorrow’s leaders. A holistic, open-source curriculum taught locally, shared digitally and experienced globally. Every organization within the movement will contribute class material and/or educational opportunities to the Digital Ecosystem. Combined with documented on-site implementation, open-source development, and a highly qualified team of experts creating unique content, a complete and personally adaptable learning system is shared with everyone, everywhere, at every-time.


Symbolically, our companies and culture are built upon the four pillars: Education, Ecology, Empowerment and Embodiment. We focus on enlivening the quadruple bottom line of: Social, Environmental, Economic, and Spiritual growth.


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Timeless Solutions prepares your child for success!


Welcome to our school, where educational and social development go hand in hand. Our tailored focus on academics and the whole child means that every child will find a happy home here.

Our School

Our beautiful campus includes state-of-the-art technology in all classrooms, age-appropriate play areas for children from kindergarten through the upper grades. Our experienced, skilled teaching staff works together as a team to guide your child through his or her academic journey. Come visit us!


Your child will have the opportunity to pursue a range of extracurricular activities to complement his or her rigorous academic curriculum. Our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that your child gets the attention he or she deserves.

We invite you to come visit our school and learn more about our philosophy for preparing your child for success.

“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

The Challenge

Looking around it is easy to see that we live in an unsettled time; we have reached critical tipping points in the following areas of society: personal health, energy production and utilization, waste management and recycling, food production and distribution, water procurement and purification, environmental sustainability, resource exchange integrity, and more.  The world is transforming at an exponentially increasing rate as a result of these tipping points;  significant, frequent, and undeniable shifts will continue to occur in nearly all facets of life.  Our children are inheriting a world that is changing in countless ways.

In 1962, President Kennedy challenged America to put a man on the moon in 8 years. Today’s challenge is not just for America but for the world: can we create a global shift of our “operating system” to solve our major planetary crises in time? Major analysts and leading scientists give us just a few years to change our direction before we have surpassed irrevocable tipping points that will lead to the decline of the human species.

Lack of Large-Scale Alternatives
Society has become severely imbalanced, and households function as centers of consumption, producing little benefit to the overall community. Faced with an unsustainable society-wide infrastructural framework, with few large-scale sustainable alternatives, the culture and the domesticated members of this society, are beginning to decay rapidly. The great challenge of our time is to create a global culture that is thriving, peaceful, healthy, and prosperous.  We can rise to this challenge, just as previous generations have risen to the challenges of their day.  Our planet and children are depending on it.

An Outdated Education Paradigm
With the learning systems of today, it can be incredibly difficult keeping students of any age range connected to, and excited about, the process of learning.  In this age of rapid information transfer, the mainstream educational model shows itself to be an imbalanced and limited system.  For over a century, it has relied on a rigid standardized curriculum with a pass/fail model.

These pedagogic processes depend mostly on book learning and limited hands-on experience. This system does little to meet the needs of the highly gifted youth of today.  The mainstream, public school method of education relies on utilizing a rigid standardized curriculum that fosters constant increases in the frequency of examinations that create stress, bullying as a result of the pyramidal structure this creates, alcohol and drugs abused to cope with the stress, and prescription drugs used to biochemically alter and level the uniqueness of each child student as a result.  These aspects of the outdated education paradigm are exacerbating a problem that, were it a virus, could be called a national pandemic.  Our mainstream educational system is ripe for reinvention.

A Timeless Solution

Through holistic life empowerment, we exemplify a living style to our peers and children that addresses the pressing problems of today and prepares the New Generation for the challenges of the next century.  Our duplicable blueprint model of large-scale sustainability for the complete human experience, is founded on a simple celebration of what we are capable of: sustainable lifestyle practices, inspired collaboration and global contribution, mutual respect for the dignity and worth of each individual, and an honoring of our stewardship of the planet.

“Earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise.” - Rumi

Hands-On Learning

Through holistic life empowerment, we exemplify a lifestyle to our peers and children, that addresses the pressing challenges of today, and prepares the next generations for a rapidly changing world. Our replicable learning center model and curriculum, for the complete human experience, is founded on a simple celebration of what we are capable of as inspired co-creators of reality. We are here to embody, share and evolve sustainable lifestyle practices,  global contribution for the restoration of a harmonious world culture, mutual respect for the dignity and worth of each individual, and an honoring of the responsibility for healthy stewardship of the Earth.
By creating a network of EARTH Eco-communities designed for direct experiential learning, we are building a living template for people to come and directly engage with new paradigms of human existence. These communities will showcase permaculture design, renewable energy technologies and green building techniques that facilitate an educational experience for all visitors on the tangible “how to’s” of sustainability and thrive-ability.  Do-it-Yourself (DIY) projects onsite allow students of all ages to directly engage with wisdom offerings and educational materials, designed to optimize the life experience, centered around authentic core life purpose action.  EARTH communities are an extensively integrated solution to the major problems that every human being is now facing.  We feel, based on research of the current and projected future trends of humanity, we are providing a service that will be attractive to the majority of the populace by offering a more abundant, well, joyful, connected and freedom-oriented societal model.  People are beginning to exponentially seek out advice and educational material on sustainable building, home-grown food/organic produce, personal development, clean energy technologies, zero waste methods, water purification, yoga and personal maintenance, and many of the other areas we are focused on providing within our EARTH communities.  EARTH communities will be premier learning environments for people to learn how to enhance their process of self-discovery and ability to thrive in today’s rapidly shifting world.


Eliminating Band-Aid Solutions
Eco-Villages solve problems at their root and provide efficient, sustainable solutions to Earth’s (humanity’s) greatest challenges by addressing core issues directly. Each community functions as an incubator for the world’s leading cultural creatives, educators, inventors  and maverick entrepreneurs to showcase an enriched and thriving societal template.  These communities feature unique educational nodes and offerings based onsite’s staff expertise and infrastructure.  In a system of learning-by-doing, our clients, visitors and partners will come to receive hands-on training and learning experiences while living in these communities.  From sustainable energy to commercial agriculture, all of the possible building blocks you could ever need for personal development are available at a Timeless EARTH Eco-Village.

An EcoVillage is essentially a “Low Impact Sustainable Development.” It is necessary for this new model to be able to emerge as a legal alternative to conventional community and housing developments. One of the biggest obstacles is the building code and land use zoning. Building codes were originally established and evolved with safety as the core issue. Land Use Zoning was also invented with protective intentions but has over the decades become more and more subject to political and economic whims rather than practical land use wisdom.

We at Timeless, along with our partners like AWE Communities (http://awecommunities.com), have been developing the financial, legal and business templates requisite of creating thriving Eco-Village experiences to expand the human experience. We are committed to showcasing a sustainable lifestyle potential, with greater access to modern amenities for all the people of Earth, in a way that is truly honoring of the delicate planetary ecosystem we an integral part of.

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